Seattle Indies Expo @ PAX

Melrose Market Studios
Sunday, Sept 4th 2016
12pm – 9pm

25 games,
1376 attendees,
a 3 hr after-party,
and 1 incredibly awesome day.

What People Said About Us

"[Seattle Indies Expo] highlighted some of the biggest divides in today’s gaming world, and particularly how different elements of modern gaming are being accepted and adapted by indie outlets versus big studios."

"Expos like SIX, I think are crucial... Giving these indie developers [...] the chance to not just show their game - to give people a chance to play their game, to sit down and really get the developer right there next to you, talking about the game - I think is awesome."
About to Review

"Though SIX's venue was small, the heart and passion you could feel in the room was enormous. [...] It was great to see fellow developers in our local area show off their latest builds of their games. As one game writer put it, "It is like seeing all of our children grow up together."
Starr Mazer: DSP

"Though PAX West is always a great privilege to attend, one of my favorite traditions during the show is attending the Seattle Indie’s Expo [...] It is a great gathering of indie gems that often go under the radar..."
Operation Rainfall

A Look At SIX 2016

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SIX's 2016 Exhibitor Line-Up